3 ways to a healthier nervous system

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We humans are not immune to the forces of habit, just as we are not immune to the forces of gravity.

If your posture is something that you want to change, then you might want to start moving. There are so many simple ways to start improving posture and movement and Alexander technique is probably the simplest one.
We can overcome both, (not I don’t mean float or fly), by developing a linguistic tool that is actionable. In my Alexander lessons I use geometry as a tool for learning to become fluent should you want to speak less habitual and more intentionally.

Geometrical relationships give us a tool for speaking a language that relates to how gravity acts.  Hence, developing a way, technique or method for overcoming habitual thinking patterns that aren’t integrating.

Note, we don’t need to be integrated all the time. Alexander technique isn’t about that! It helps us evolve our ability to develop reasonableness and intelligent behaviour; in action, in time, and in movement.
We learn to build relatable behaviours in relation to gravity, our thinking mind becomes the fertile ground where many seeds can start to be cultivated. All these seeds help us act as we intend, not as we are habituated to believe we should.
Our aim in learning the speak Alexander technique isn’t just to become excellent acrobats and join a circus, but the process of coordinating movements itself is used as a means for organising our mental perceptions away from disjointedness and disintegrating habits and towards constructive ones.

  1. Stop fibbing gravity
  2. Be a mindful breather
  3. Simplify your necessities

There are a couple of real concepts that continually surround us:

  • Gravity
  • Ground force reaction

Neither are seemingly detrimental to our daily existence, but then again…judging by the percentages of people who develop not just acute but chronic muscle and skeletal pain, without having been in accidents perhaps these concepts deserve a little of attention?

Why not consider that learning a language for becoming growingly fluent in relation to real concepts could save us a lot of aches and pains that lower our quality of life.  Because we can’t ‘feel’ the pulls of gravity upon our articulating structure, our society for the most part, hasn’t had occasion to teach physical behaviour that is helps prevent the disjointedness that underpins muscle and skeletal pain.  Moreover, it is not only the physical distortions but also the emotional and psychological distortions that lead to lowering of one’s quality of life.  Isn’t the latest societal fashion to develop a more sound nervous system?

A brief moment of reflection, (let’s say as long as it takes to move to the next sentence), will reveal that the healthy nervous system that we seek resides in the body; the same body that in turn resides in relation to the pulls of gravity!