Alexander technique for musicians and performers

Community workshops for musicians and performers

Alexander technique & Aikido combine for a mindful and body-wise practice

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for bi-weekly workshops in the Fitzroy north area.

  • Each session will start with exercises from the Alexander and Aikido repertoire that anyone can learn to do.
  • Exercises are designed to enhance mindfulness of movement, support and posture for the activities on performance stage for professionals, students and all the stages of everyday life. From there we will work both with the principles and the practice of Alexander technique Constructive Conscious Control and Aikido to discover how these can help improve mind and body:


  • These community classes are designed to help the attendees gain practical tools for creativity, attention managment, and imaginative problem solving through the simple, accepting, inclusive and enlivening practices of Alexander technique and Aikido.

Next Meetup

Wednesday July 12 from 7:30 to 9:30 at 75 Reid Street Fitzroy north

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