Alexander technique for wellbeing & creativity

Stress management, posture health and creativity

Simplify your path to a mindful body with Alexander technique

Alexander technique is world renowned as an efficient way to undo pain associated with overuse and poor posture while improving general wellbeing

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Creativity and posture for individuals & groups

A lifetime struggle with 'posture'?

Have you had enough of the a lifetime struggle with 'posture'? Have you been through the 'fix-it' system many times over? Are you tired of the rules, do and don'ts of ergonomic procedure and well meaning advise?

There is another way...

Do you want to find out how your learning intelligence can help you become your own posture coach?
Get in touch so we can collaborate in learning a language of practical and efficient movement that will have your mind and body wrapt with creative simplicity.

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Want something 'else' for the work crew?

Closing eyes shut and breathing deeply is as popular as the ancient practice of mindfulness will ever get, but could it possibly be everyone's 'cup of tea'?

Refresh the mind, enliven the body...

...but keep the candles and the incense for the yoga studio.
Rediscover Ease workshops and classes are a combination of Aikido, movement mechanics (think an athletics coach for the art working with a computer), and the latest research in the science of learning and 'plasticity'.

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About Rediscover Ease workshops

‘Burn-out’ can drown brilliant ideas and relationships along with it. Mastaneh Nazarian from Rediscover Ease shares an evidence-based mind‐body practice can help you reduce tension at work while improving the way you implement your business.
In this interactive and practical session, you will learn to improve your overall business potential for efficiency, productivity and constructive change. Find out how easy it can be to develop effective solutions to unexpected change and growth by tapping into your most available and resilient resource.

Research shows that improving posture at work can have a positive effect on:

Improve wellbeing

Reduce posture related pain

Positively effect creativity

Mastaneh Nazarian

Some of Rediscover Ease’s clients:

  • Abbeyfield Australia
  • Melbourne University School of music
  • Melbourne Polythechnic
  • City of Yarra
  • Fitzroy North primary Fete
  • RMIT Wellbeing Expo
  • Princess Hill Community centre

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