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Thanks for your interest in my site!

I am currently rebuilding Rediscover Ease to be able to serve you better.
I am still ‘in business’ and if you are interested in finding out how my coaching work can help you to:

• Improve posture at your instrument
• Get better body awareness: designed for application to your musical activities
• Improve your movement: to address recovery from performance impairing pain
• Reduce symptoms of music performance anxiety by developing performance appropriate behavioral strategies
• Bridge the gap between your practice and your performance outcomes,In a setting that is:
• Designed with music making demands and needs in mind
• Designed to help you get more out of your practice time
• Designed to teach you effective self-regulation strategies for your creative goals
• Designed to teach you to strengthen your postural core structure for the intense bio mechanical demands of YOUR instrument and voice.Then, please get in touch!
Drop me an email at: or if in Melbourne call: 0430 33 77 85