I wish…

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Garden’s sky, by M.Nazarian

I recently completed editing and uploading a video for a collaborative project that took place in September (2023). Like most people I find it difficult to have to look and listen to myself, this was made a little easier because the project was a collaboration and the emphasis was on the work itself the three performers.

The core of the work (Journey of Violets) is based on a poem written by Mohammad Reza Shafiei-Kadkani and its 12 translations. In the poem the author makes a wish for humans to be able to journey with a certain sense of grounding and support as they move through life.

As I sense life, the paradoxes seem to get vaster, more bizarre and less palatable by the year.

‘News’ arrives that in some parts people have to fend off loneliness and in other parts willing and loving people have to watch their governments fight against the peoples’ deeply shared desire to live together, in peace and sharing the same lands.

For me, the work continues to be at hand. To have a singular wish….to be brightened by the many opportunities that I have to give through, and the simplicity I gain from the experiences of life that led me to continually discover indescribable realities, some of which may also lie within the realm of ‘Alexander technique’ continue to unfold as a gift that creates a container for practicing trust.

It was necessary and useful to have recorded the project and to finally take the time and watch and listen to my work.

If you are a musician or a performing artist, do make the time to record yourself and watch it with an eye for curiosity and discovery, you will probably observe many beautiful gestures in your humanness and perhaps sense how you can do what you love doing with even more grounding and support.