Mastaneh Nazarian is a musician, certified teacher of Alexander technique and pilates. She has a brown belt in aikido and is passionate about teaching and learning movement mastery to musicians and the general public.

Mastaneh Nazarian Alexander technique teacher

Teaching and learning form part of my creative practice

“As a graduate of Berklee college of music I am committed to excellence in musical making development and the authentic movement skills that are required for continual growth.”

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Learning movement mastery is a continuous journey

After my initial contact with Alexander technique in 1996, my passion for collaborative learning brought me to start learning aikido in 2000. After much travel, having 2 children and becoming certified as an Alexander technique teacher, I resumed aikido practice in 2013. After gaining brown belt I continue to attend training weekly and I am working towards first level black belt for end of 2018.

The fundamentals of the aikido form help develop a concise movement practice. Since breadth and depth are more important to me, I’m in no rush in gaining status for its own sake.

The practical side of aikido and its blending with Alexander technique forms a tool that I used on a daily basis for my own music making. So, it feels natural to share what I practice with others.

Movement intelligence is a fundamental and practical

The bio mechanics and real-time intelligence of aikido practice developed my desire to find practical and constructive tools for Alexander technique teaching. Tools that would allow the student to become their own teacher within a very short course of study.

I have found the essence of what I was looking for in the psychology of learning (applied pedagogy) and the application of the art and science of motor control behaviour formation.

My study with Jeando Masoero and applying my own curios mind allowed me to lay the seeds for musician’s movement mastery. I feel incredibly lucky to have met (and continue to meet) amazing teachers who have a gift and love for honest and authentic self mastery.

I am thrilled to be able to share what I’ve been learning with musicians here in Melbourne and hope we can work together to help you rediscover ease and poise in your music making. You can reach me via email: