Movement mastery
helps you get over music making pain & tension

Is your music making practice leading to pain and discomfort?
Movement mastery is your roadmap for overcoming pain and injury

Rediscover Ease knows what matters to musicians and applies the art and science of learning masterful motor control that has been available to athletes for decades

  • Static postures don’t work 

    Music happens in time, so for musicians static postures don’t makes sense. That’s why movement mastery gives you the ability to create practical solutions for developing dynamic support.

  • Supporting your music making

    Music making is dynamic, and efficiency is developed authentically. Movement mastery is not a band aid solution, it helps keep your development as a musician on target now and in the long run.

  • Getting pain in music making can be resolved 

    Experts agree that music making pain can be overcome. The solution is in improving posture, movement and body awareness. Movement mastery offers you the real tools to do this.

  • Movement mastery gives you control  

    The essential key to getting over pain is when you learn and apply movement mastery and gain practical control over your motor control behaviour.

Movement mastery 14 week roadmap gives you the ability to become your own teacher

  • The tools to build confidence 

    You will have the tools to put your attention where and when it counts: In the real time art of music making.  Learning to change your most habitual movement patterns builds confidence.

  • Weekly interactive session 

    Sessions provide you with practical homework, video and written support material. The roadmap is designed for musicians and gives you tangible tools to put to use.

  • Movement mastery gives you independence  

    Because you’re given practical and tangible tools, you don’t need to rely on a teacher to keep improving and growing. You get to master your own mind.

  • A comprehensive course for musicians  

    The roadmap considers musician’s challenges and gifts and is designed to bring you movement mastery for your most priceless instrument; your body. Because the gift of musical expression shouldn’t be a liability.

With movement mastery supporting your body with true core availability is simpler than you think

  • Want better posture?  

    There is endless opinions about good posture, but authentic supportive and intelligent posture is something that develops. Movement mastery gives you the tools to focus on a global approach; the hows and not just a bunch of whats.

  • Does your music playing feel restricted by pain? 

    When you start to improve your practical observation and knowledge of how your body functions, your movement just keeps getting better and more fluid, in your mind and body.

  • afraid of RSI or similar injury? 

    Movement compensations caused by pain start a catch 22 circle and may lead to debilitating injuries. Applying movement mastery simplifies the process of replacing stubborn and inefficient habits with dynamic and productive ones.

  • Is your schedule too hectic?  

    Don’t leave paying attention to your main instrument for later. Movement mastery roadmap is designed with a musician’s life style in mind.

“Although the word ‘mastery’ is use here, in fact this work is ever evolving and continuous. As such, there is no guru mentality involved and as a practitioner I continue to learn as I teach and communicate the material necessary for any learner to become their own teacher. The main streams that feed movement mastery for musicians and creative artists are: Aikido and Alexander Technique.”

Musicians movement mastery is developed by a music and for musicians, get in touch to book your free consultation and get a taste of how this roadmap can help you overcome music making pain.

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