What problems are you looking to solve?

“I’m ready to get on with the learning, what is the best way to find out about all the details?”

The technique that I have now is something that I have spend a lifetime working on. But I have a good hunch it might be causing me pain.

I want to learn the techniques, exercises and the mindset that is going to help me get me out of pain and movement compensation. I want to find out if Rediscover Ease coaching is right for me.

For decades athletes have been seeing benefit from motor control principles to help them avoid and reduce injury. Now the unique combination of Alexander technique and aikido allows musicians to reap the rewards of the art and science of motor control development through movement mastery for musicians.

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“I’m interested in getting better, and want to know how movement mastery for musicians can help me. How can I find out more?”

I want to transform myself into the a better, more solid and relaxed musician and I’ve heard that Alexander Technique has helped musicians get rid of pain, but I don’t know if I want to invest in lessons at the moment.

Is there some way I can take my time finding out more about what Rediscover Ease offers? What are the fundamental ideas and how can I get a ‘taste’ committing?

By putting together a practical and fun ebook, I’ve combined the various elements that inform the mental and physical principles of movement mastery. Making music is a dynamic game, and movement mastery gives you the tools to get a solid foundation of the biomechanics of efficient physical behaviour and the perceptual apparatus to become your own teacher.

“I’m ready to book a session and learn to get rid of years of pain, can movement mastery for musicians really help me keep myself out of pain?”

I know that I can do something to reduce my music related injuries, and I’ve done some Alexander technique lessons in the past. I’m ready to find out how movement mastery for musicians can help me learn on my own; so let’s get started learning movement mastery.

Get started with movement mastery roadmap

The movement mastery roadmap is a 14 week course that gives you everything you need to be your own teacher. Rediscover Ease gives you all the handouts, tactics, fundamental principles, and the practical exercises that are proven to get you out of pain and moving towards your full potential.