Intelligent Movement Education & Injury Management

Do you want to feel more ease & confidence in your music making or day-to-day life?

You can learn to tune your body with intelligent movement education!

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Are you looking for a creative & intelligent way to build healthy movement habits?

My name is Mastaneh and I first started playing music when I was 13. After spending countless hours of practice and study and improving my skills, I still felt that I wasn't seeing the whole picture when it came to developing true mental and physical support for the incredibly demanding task of music making.

On top of that, I was suffering anxiety from having grow up in post revolution Iran and kept hitting the ceiling on developing creative consistency. So, about 20 years ago I became interested in finding ways to solve the problems of tension and anxiety that crept up in the face of both my musical and everyday life. I found what I was looking for in Alexander technique and then Aikido; a combined practice that feeds into developing intelligent movement behaviours in creative and everyday pursuits.

"I've been teaching Alexander technique to musicians and non-musicians to help them gain tools for healthy and pain free movement habits since 2013. If you'd like to end pain patterns and become more consistent, confident, skilled and masterful in your body and mind, I'd love to share what I have learned with you".

Musician, Heal Thyself

Spinal and Skeletal pain?

Over 80 percent of musicians suffer from spinal pain that can be debilitating. The statistics are sadly equally hight for non-musicians!

Musician, Heal Thyself

Neck pain from playing music?

One of the main sources of neck and shoulder pain in musicians is related to the physical challenges of holding an instrument. Rediscover Ease gives you the tools to practice with growing efficiency.

Musician, Heal Thyself

Back and shoulder pain?

Occupational related pain in musicians and non-musicians alike, causes reduced mobility, which can get in the way of expressive accuracy and power, or end a flourishing career.

Hand and wrist pain in musicians

Hand and wrist pain that stops you from taking on new musical challenges?

Your body is your most priceless instrument! If you want a long and evolving career, you will want to have the tools to reduce the pain and tension that can damage delicate wrists and hands.

Musician's Pain management solutions

Is you body's discomfort and pain causing you a riddle?

Pain causes us to produce surplus stress hormones which can interfere with musical making and creative problem solving skills. Finding a constructive solution to recurring and stubborn pain patters is what Rediscover Ease offers.

Anxiety related to music making

Mentally and emotionally overwhelmed with all the options for pain management?

Rediscover Ease Movement education is not a 'hack'! Learning it gives you the tools for effortless support and the self awareness to apply them.

Do you want a creative way to have more ease in your movements?

If you're spending too much time practicing your art and forgetting to take care of your body, you will find simple tips and practical ideas to combine and refine both!

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