Alexander technique movement education for wellbeing & creativity

Stress management, posture health and creativity

Simplify your path to a mindful body with Alexander technique

Alexander technique movement education is world renowned as an efficient way to undo pain associated with overuse and poor posture while improving general wellbeing.

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  • Cultivate mental and emotional health
  • Enable resilience and self-confidence
  • Develop a balanced approach to work
  • Enhance performance in sport, music and public speaking
  • Reduce neck, shoulder and back pain

Learning Alexander technique movement education can help in improving balance, poise, posture and co-ordination. Organise yourself with growing muscular and movement efficiency to optimise performance in your work and everyday life, and gain a practical tool for coping with stress mindfully.

Movement Education is based on the science and practice of motor control, biomechanics and education. The method allows for an integrative approach that is akin to mindfulness for for the moving body.
I am passionate about teaching a work that is based on how the neruro-muscle-skeletal science of living systems can make a difference to day-to-day movement wellbeing.

A lifetime struggle with 'posture'?

Do you carry around physical pain patterns that don't have any cause other than 'posture'? Have you been through the 'fix-it' system many times over?

There is another way...

Do you want to find out how your learning intelligence can help you become your own posture coach? Get in touch so we can collaborate in learning dynamic alignment skills for practical and efficient movement that will have your mind and body wrapt with ease, support and creative energy.

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About Rediscover Ease workshops

Work-related 'Burn-out' can drown brilliant ideas and relationships along with it. Rediscover Ease workshops offer a mind‐body practice that can help in reducing tension at work whether it stems from computer-use demands or the pressure of deadlines.
In interactive and practical sessions you and your team will learn to improve the potential for efficiency, productivity and constructive change by improving body-mind awareness and coordination.
Drawing from Pilates, Alexander technique and Aikido these collaborative workshops are designed and delivered to match your specific needs and help to reduce symptoms of stress and improve collaborative communication.

Research shows that improving posture at work can have a positive effect on:


Reduce posture related pain

Positively effect creativity

Mastaneh Nazarian

Rediscover Ease's clients include:

  • Abbeyfield Australia
  • Melbourne University School of music
  • Melbourne Polythechnic
  • City of Yarra
  • Fitzroy North primary Fete
  • RMIT Wellbeing Expo
  • Princess Hill Community centre

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"I am passionate about teaching a work that is based on how the neruro-muscle-skeletal science of living systems can make a difference to day-to-day movement wellbeing while helping to reduce anxiety and improve creative potential."