fingers, hands and wrists blues

rediscoverMusician's health

There are so many ways to talk and write about musician’s physical wellbeing. I am a deep believer that there is never just one way to address this topic, however I’ve noticed that most musicians whom I come across sight issues that relate to “fingers, … Read More

I wish…

rediscoverMusician's health

I recently completed editing and uploading a video for a collaborative project that took place in September (2023). Like most people I find it difficult to have to look and listen to myself, this was made a little easier because the project was a collaboration … Read More

Musician’s Posture? Never a problem

rediscoverMusician's wellbeing

In recent decades some focus has gathered around health and wellbeing needs of musicians.  Associations such as Performing Arts Medicine Association  pay attention to these specific health concerns that matter to musicians.  Generally speaking, much of the preliminary research evidence into performance-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) … Read More

Never enough Brando, or ‘Bundo’


A while back I got very involved with the public life and work of Marlon Brando, (by the way, I wound’t believe everything that is printed on wiki).  As a result I learnt much about what acting means to actors, and especially the myths that have … Read More