Is your guitar playing causing you in pain?

According to research as many as 4 in every 5 working musicians will experience pain severe enough to interfere with their music making. If performance related muscle-skeletal injury is holding you back from reaching your true potential, I may be able to help you learn the tools for intelligent movement education.

Are being time poor and keeping your pain a secret to keep your ‘gig’ helping you filter out the pain and risk serious injury?

Holding and balancing a modern day or classical guitar or bass instrument can have its particular challenges

With Rediscover Ease pain solutions for musicians you’ll get:

  • The practical tools to makes sense and resolve specific mechanical and ergonomic challenges
  • The practical tools to improve your balance and posture in a dynamic way
  • The practical tools to keep evolving your musicianship in a completely pain free way

There is no use just ‘fixing’ your posture into something that can’t have mobility and dynamism

Musicians, especially guitarists and bassists need to rotate around a sometimes cumbersome instrument. If you’ve been told to improve your posture, you’ll probably know what happens as soon as you pick up your instrument?
All you know about ‘good’ posture and body mechanics goes string out the window.

Movement mastery takes a different approach and gives you the tools to experiment so that you can develop a dynamic, fluid, supportive, evolving and intelligent physical behaviour.

There is no point improving or changing something that we can’t define. Every musician knows this based on their music learning. Motor control learning is subject to the same principles and movement mastery gives you the tools to truly see how and where you stand when supporting your instrument and the real time know how to develop efficient and masterful motor movement behaviour.

Rediscover ease can help you avoid or recover from patterns of pain and movement compensation.

Movement education highlights 3 fundamental. These 3 essentials can help you improve your overall movement skills level because they drive to the core of intelligent movement behaviour.

  • Timing

    Intelligent and effortless movement and support in your body is a moment by moment affair. Movement education gives you the tools to improve how to expand your attention a in timely way; both in your mental and physical behaviour.

  • Directional support

    Ever wonder why the general advice on posture and body mechanics are either too complicated or too simplistic? With the movement education approach, you gain the tools of reasoning in a relational way about the what and how of posture, movement and body awareness. It’s the direction or your practice that leads to improvements, and not just mindless repetition.

  • Perceptual clarity

    The most practical part of learning movement education is the emphasis on tangible ways to actually perceive what you are doing in relation to what you think you are doing. The distinction is vast, essential, and leads to freeing up your movement and your artist expressiveness.

Rediscover ease with Alexander technique movement mastery

Your body shouldn’t become a mystery to you, but when pain sets in, this can become an unwelcome reality

Like music itself, the living human body is a complex system. When pain and discomfort starts to drive our attention, patterns of compensation take over. Getting to know the real possibilities of your body is a process much like learning to play music.

With Rediscover Ease movement solutions for musicians you’ll get:

  • Movement awareness that is simple to put into practice
  • Movement awareness that untangles muscle compensation patterns
  • Movement awareness that gives you all the tools you need to teach yourself

I want to find out first hand what movement education can do for me!
The experts agree that improving posture,are the best ways to avoid music related injuries.