What problems are you looking to solve?

Rediscover Ease can help you solve problems relating to posture, movement awareness, core strength and music/public speaking performance anxiety. Sessions are offered via Skype and in Melbourne Australia.

"I'm interested in having more ease and less pain symptoms. How can movement education sessions help?"

Lessons are designed to help bring awareness to shortening/weakening postures and help your replace them with lengthening/strengthening movements.

"How does movement education compliment my physiotherapy and gym work?"

Movement education is based on principles of biomechanics and the process of learning how to learn. It is an inclusive perspective that is aligned with other therapies.

"How do I find out about pricing?"

Sessions are offered via Skype/Zoom or in Melbourne and cost $60 AUD. A video recording of each lesson and detailed notes are included.

Tell me about Poised Musician online group lessons?"

These online sessions are prices minimally (based on what you can afford) contact me to find out more!

There are 2 main ways to find out more about Rediscover Ease movement education

Get started with movement education roadmap

The movement education roadmap is a 14 week course that gives you everything you need to be your own teacher. Rediscover Ease gives you all the session notes, tactics, fundamental principles, and the practical exercises that are proven to get you out of pain and moving towards your full potential.

Download your free e-book on healthy music making!

The free ebook offers practical tips for musicians on healthy music making. These tips can also be helpful in helping to reduce symptoms of overwork and stress for other professional. By signing up you can stay updated to special offers and workshops.