Are you ready to feel better about your music making?

According to research as many as 4 in every 5 working musicians will experience pain severe enough to interfere with their music making. If performance related muscle-skeletal injury is holding you back from reaching your true potential, I may be able to help you learn the tools for movement mastery.

Do you come up with 3 main excuses why you should live with pain?

  • "Don't have enough time"

    Are you time poor? The hectic demands of being a musician don’t leave much time for mastering your main instrument; you body. Rediscover ease may be able to help.

  • "Hey, pain stays a secret among musicians"

    Keeping pain a secret keeps the gigs coming in, right? The statistics are staggering! Don’t become another over injured musician who has to put an end to a career they’ve worked a life time on. Finding true support is a wholistic business, and Rediscover ease offers a constructive solution.

  • "I've got good posture, but nothing seems to work"

    Does your “good posture” fall apart as soon as you pick up your instrument to practice of perform? Rediscover ease offers movement, posture and body awareness education that doesn’t cut a whole person into bits and parts.

It is your awareness of posture and movement that helps you undo tension and pain

There is no point improving or changing something that we can’t define. Every musician knows this based on their music learning. Motor control improvement is subject to the same principles and movement mastery gives you the tools to truely see how and where you stand when supporting your instrument and the real time know how to develop efficient and masterful motor movement behaviour.

With Rediscover Ease pain solutions for musicians you’ll get:

  • Body awareness designed for application to your musical activities
  • Body awareness habits that don’t cause you pain
  • Body awareness that saves you time and money

Pain solutions for musicians with Alexander technique movement mastery
Pain solutions for musicians with Alexander technique movement mastery

Your body shouldn’t become a mystery to you, but when pain sets in this can become an unwelcome reality

Like music itself, the living human body is a complex system. When pain and discomfort starts to drive our attention, patterns of compensation take over. Getting to know the real possibilities of your body is a process much like learning to play music.

With Rediscover Ease pain solutions for musicians you’ll get:

  • Movement awareness that is simple to put into practice
  • Movement awareness that untangles muscle compensation patterns
  • Movement awareness that gives you all the tools you need to teach yourself

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With Rediscover Ease movement mastery you learn to improve: & body awareness

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