Mastaneh is an experienced musician and also a bright and perceptive teacher with great knowledge and passion for assisting others to experience the benefits of Alexander technique.
Len Lindon, Trumpet player & lawyer
I’ve got a lot out of our sessions that i’m already been applying. I had a gig today and been rehearsing a lot and my body is coping so much better. Also we have had a crazy amount of things to do before we go and I’m physically exhausted but also my body feels really grateful for the physical exertion – it’s weird: achy but happy. Like a workout.

I think the awareness of movement i have begun to cultivate with you is helping me through it. Thanks for everything so far,Josh Teicher,Guitarist & teacher

Mastaneh is a caring and intuitive teacher who has helped me realise how to prevent injuries and use the full motion of my body. After a session I feel uncluttered, almost ethereal. Highly recommended!Amy, Clarinetist & mother
Through the lessons I attended I learnt a lot about human anatomy, how many parts of our body are connected and how they function in relation to each other, giving me a greater understanding of my own body.
Tiffany Murphy, Office worker & dancer
I’ve found working with Mastaneh in particular to be extremely rewarding. As the Alexander Technique is such an experiential and practical pursuit it can in my experience be challenging to convey through words. In my experience, teachers’ attempts at this have triggered dubiousness and resistance in students. Mastaneh is able to embody the principals of the technique and is therefore infinitely more valuable than one that simply knows the rules! I was able to gain what I now feel is a practical and working understanding of the Alexander technique and really, the work of creativity itself through my work with Mastaneh and I’m truly grateful!
Callum MacBain, Actor, musician & writer
Thanks very much for all your time with the workshops. They were really fun and informative and I’m finding I can sit at the piano for longer and more comfortably, which is great – especially at exam time!
James Ferguson, Pianist
Alexander technique has helped me on a practical basis. I could more easily spend long hours working with less fatigue and improved mental clarity— essential to my work as a writer and musician. On a more subtle level, I believe that the AT work helped me gain some humility as I became more aware of my habits.

Bill Forth, Guitarist & writer
I am pleased I took the lessons and I am grateful to my Mastaneh for her dedication to help me. What I have learnt and applied to my daily activities are helpful immensely.

Sarath Asseddumage, Drummer/percussionist & yoga instructor
A great pleasure to work with someone with a strong work ethic and such a delightful nature! This relationship has been very positive and heartening to me at a most challenging time in my life.
Anthony Wallace
I am a full time music student that was beginning to experience restriction of movement in my hand as well as constant pain from the hours of practice required. After a couple of months under the gentle guidance of Mastaneh, using Alexander technique, I am beginning to understand how to bring an awareness to how I use my body that not only informs my music playing, but all areas of movement in my life. This awareness has allowed me to begin to  free the tension from my movements, meaning I can play for longer without pain. Mastanehs’ ability to observe the movement of the body and gently encourage it to find a different way, has improved how I move in the world. Thanks Mastaneh! 

Jessica Jane McLachlan, Flutist

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