Never enough Brando, or ‘Bundo’


A while back I got very involved with the public life and work of Marlon Brando, (by the way, I wound’t believe everything that is printed on wiki).  As a result I learnt much about what acting means to actors, and especially the myths that have risen around ‘method’ acting.

One another note, recently, there has been a rabbit that has taken on his name (in a punish kind of way).

Marlon Bundo, at least as delivered by the folk at John Olivers’s popular HBO show is raising a bit of money for some very good causes.  You can get your hands on a copy and support charities that reach out to LGBT community too.

But, what about the real Marlon? What about his life-long battle with the residue of neglect? What about his outspoken views on social justice and the power of the media?

Here’s is my favourite video of him speaking to the camera and the person behind it:

Interesting convictions eh?

He certainly would have approved of the “Last week tonight” version of Bundo!

Come to think of it….Brando did resemble a handsome rabbit on charm and sheer cuteness!

By the way, as a young man, Marlon went through the emotional rollercoaster that is A street car named desire, for 2 years, on stage!